Understanding Islam and Muslim Militants

What do you believe you studied of while you hear the word Islam? Maybe you watched of “terrorist”, “inequality”, “oppression”? Or perhaps you watched of 11th of September and the sight of airplanes come in your mind. Maybe none of these items even go your mind whilst you consider Islam and you think of fantastic matters. If you fall into the category of the latter, you then’re at the right track.

Islam is not simplest a faith however a entire way of life HAMKA. It promotes peace, justice, equality, and it is the spine of a satisfying existence. It encourages persistence at some point of difficult instances and it calls for that one should be appropriate to his or her neighbor. Muslims everywhere in the international came to learn that they had to be affected person and persist with their faith after Sep 11. They have been accused of being terrorists whilst Islam condemns terrorism and strictly values human lifestyles. In the Holy Qur’an it is said: “Killing one person is the same as killing all humanity and saving one individual is similar to saving all humanity.”

After 11th of September Muslims all over the global have been focused as terrorists, and many confronted hardships which ranged from call calling to lifestyles-threatening attacks. Many Muslims inside the US already suffered a variety of pain after being forced from their homelands. They came to America to stay a higher lifestyles and possibly to locate liberty, freedom of speech, and security.

America is the us of a in which in the beyond African Americans were victims of prejudice. They had been beaten, lynched, and degraded genuinely for being black. America is likewise the u . S . A . That has overcame prejudice and embraced identical rights for all. In the beyond memories of America girls had been now not given the right to vote, very own property, and had been denied many different primary rights. Women did now not have the equal educational possibilities as men did. However, America is the u . S . A . That now offers ladies the proper to vote and promotes same rights for men and women. America is the us of a where currently Muslims are centered for truely being Muslim.

The media exploits Muslims as a whole as being terrorists. Not enough attention is being targeted on teaching Americans on Islam and reiterating the common feel that one must not choose Islam without a doubt on what one so called “Muslim” does. Islam can best be judged by means of the Qur’an, the Sunnah (teachings) of the Prophet Muhammad, and with the aid of the righteous Muslims.

When will America be the u . S . That doesn’t repeat mistakes of the past; that doesn’t exploit sure people negatively; that lives as much as her promises? We want to begin wondering authority, correctly analyzing the credibility of what we listen and notice within the media, and we need to be truthful to ourselves. We want to begin to open our hearts to the ones round us due to the fact we’re all people who deserve every basic proper irrespective of where we may come from or what faith we can be.