The Use of Incense in Spiritual Practice

Incense’s use as a way to open the doors to higher realms of spirituality goes back not just hundreds of years, but hundreds of thousands of years. We are all aware the story of The Magi, the Three Wise Men of the Bible brought myrrh and frankincense as gifts to mark to celebrate the arrival of the Christ baby, which was some of the greatest sacred moments in the history of millions of people. It’s not too surprising given that the very beginnings of incense as a substance for higher spirituality had been embedded in the minds of the people for more than 3,000 years prior to the birth of Christianity.

Frankincense for instance has trade across in the Arabian Peninsula for 5,000 years. The sacks of this resin are depicted on the walls the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut who reigned the year 1483 B.C. Frankincense also plays a role in the Ketoret which is the ceremony of offering incense at the ancient Hebrew rituals of religious significance.

The sour, resinous incense myrrh is so precious in the early times that its worth often was greater than the value of gold. It was also an integral part of the religious practices in the time of ancient Egyptians and was even a part of the process of mummification.

In bringing the past of the past with us, let’s move to the present and discuss about the significance of spirituality and applications that various incenses are still used for to this day, and that are still used by contemporary pagans, Wiccans, other spiritually profound practices. Some of the most commonly used incenses of today include jasmine copal rose, sage, sandalwood, kewda, mogra, and sage — but this is only some! The aromas created by these essences of incense are believed to attract certain aspects of gods or the vibrations of certain kind that are spiritual in nature. Be aware that the exact type of manifestation, and what these energies represent particular gods or more generalized powers is different according to the traditional Räuchermischung kaufen.

In certain pagan practices such as this you can use copal for consecration or to ward off negative energy. In the practice of Hoodoo incense derived from star anise is burned to improve psychic awareness and enhance psychic clairvoyance. A very significant varieties of herbal incense used of in Native American spiritual practices is Sage. It is used for various effects, ranging from cleansing energy to emotional balance and healing ailments.

Different kinds of incenses are used to draw spirits closer to us, so that we can form closer relationships or ask for their help throughout our life. Myrrh is one of the most sought-after scent in various practices. There are many other kinds of incense that aid in focusing the mind during meditation.

Remember that the incense lore field is a very deep area of study in itself. The vast array of ingredients and the incredible diversity of scents that could be extracted through an incense burn is an art that very few people have learned entirely without years of study.

You don’t have to be an incense “master” or have some sort of spiritual expertise to enjoy the pleasure and numerous advantages of using incense into your daily routine and practice, regardless of what way you’re on. Exploring the myriad scents and wonderful benefits of incense can be a wonderful experience for everyone. Through incense, we connect with thousands of years of human story and spiritual practice. Incorporate incense into your daily and spiritual life and you’ll be happy with the results. Numerous unimaginable pleasures await you. ….. Enjoy, live, love and be happy. Peace!