Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard Review

The Razer Lycosa keyboard is an appropriate keyboard for any gamer, and here is why. Have you ever cycled thru scores of reasonably-priced flimsy keyboards even as mashing those keys as speedy as you could, or observed that your keyboard has no letters left because of its consistent use? Do you find yourself buying a new reasonably-priced keyboard each month or two? I even have right information and awful news for you, you are a severe tough-middle gamer. The gaming enterprise is bigger and better than it turned into 20 years ago, along side that come excessive movement video games that require brief reflexes, fast button mashing and you may locate your hotkeys are your great friends. But the hassle most people face is the breakage of keyboards due to them being cheap and flimsy. Lets face it, not absolutely everyone is willing to shell out greater than $20 for a keyboard, however allow this evaluation to alternate your mind. The limelight for that reason falls at the Razer Lycosa keyboard, with its soft rubber lined surface, very attractive macro software, and general gaming goodness.

Now allow us to begin with the aid of describing what this awful boy is all about. The Razer Lycosa keyboard comes in a slick black finish, they arrive with several backlight alternatives which can be certain to enhance the general look of the keyboard, however if you are a hint typist, you could not even notice such things! You also get a small contact touchy panel on the top-right of the Razer Lycosa keyboard to manipulate functions including tune and back-light settings on your keyboard. But the function that most game enthusiasts die for in the Razer Lycosa keyboard is a huge range of fully programmable keys which they claim “enables instantaneous, multiple instructions with a unmarried keystroke.” Now that’s what we’re talking about when it comes to gaming!

Now for our thoughts at the tool, I in my view preferred the Razer Lycosa keyboard, with its smooth rubberized experience. The contours of the device are best for lengthy laptop purple mechanical keyboard gaming, or in my case writing, because the in-built wrist rest adds consolation to the complete typing experience. What I locate genuinely neat is the reality that the Razer Lycosa keyboard does not always should be a sole gaming keyboard, however it can carry out many other functions on pinnacle of being an top notch gaming keyboard. From video games along with World of Warcraft to Halo to Portal 2, I observed that having this as my important friend no longer only elevated my ordinary gaming performance, however it also allowed faster, and extra responsive get entry to to instructions I could have struggled to do earlier than. Like all programmable keyboards, it takes a while to analyze your new instructions, but once you’ve got mastered it, you could get entry to matters tons quicker. Not to mention the truth that my wrists did no longer hurt as an awful lot even after 12 hours of consecutive gaming.

Though I only have one real trouble with the Razer Lycosa, although its greater of a non-public choice as opposed to a large trouble. I find it traumatic that I can’t adjust the LED brightness on the device, as I once in a while discover the glare emanating from the keyboard distracting when I play in a simply dark room. Apart from that, I find that the Razer Lycosa is a sincerely properly keyboard which I might propose to anybody, be they gamer or not. Before we component, all I want to say is this, spending a touch more money at the Razer Lycosa keyboard which is of higher exceptional is more beneficial in the long run in comparison to buying cheap keyboards which may additionally never remaining for quite a number months.