Parquet Floors or Hardwood Floors Can Be Sanded and Stained

Tips and advice regarding sealing and sanding parquet floors

This is a guideline to follow. Please read it carefully and seek further advice if you are unsure.

Once your hardwood or parquet floor has been laid, start by using 50 grit Sandpaper. Work diagonally across each floor following the grain. If your floor is old, you can use a lower grade 36 to strip the lacquer. After you have finished with the floor, sand it once more with a 50grit stripper. Next, sand the edges with an edger using a 50grit disk. Keep going around the edges and increase the grits by increasing the number of grits from 50 to 80 to finally 100parquet wood flooring London.

Move around the floor with 80 grit using the big belt sander. Once you are done, move diagonally across your floor with 100 grit. When you’ve gotten the floor to 100 grit use a filler. Make resin filler by combining the sanding grit from the edger. With a filling spoon, fill the entire floor. Allow to dry for at least 3-4 hours. You can finish the floor by applying 120 grit, making sure to remove all filler. After you have finished, scrub the floor using a hover. Next, clean all window ledges and skirtings. Leave the dust to settle for at least 30 minutes.

When you are ready to finish, I recommend a water based lacquer like bona Mega or similar. You will start by applying lacquer around the edges with your brush. Next, you will roll out lacquer using a roller on a rod. It is important not to leave any lacquer puddles. They will be visible and can take longer to dry. Allow the floor surface to dry. After that, cover the floor and continue with the same procedure. The laquer should have dried by the morning. Move the laquer around and clean it with a tackcloth or wet wipe.