Is the Free Google Ads Secret Actually No Secret

It is probably one of the hottest selling E-Books of all time, and might just stay popular for a while to become the hottest E-Book ever.

But what makes Get Google Ads Free so catchy and contagious that people itch to have it and public interest burns like wildfire in the brush?

Could it be its timing; coming at a period when some internet marketers are unable to effectively use Google AdWords in their campaigns because of imposing bids and stiff competition.

Is it because it hinted on pulling a fast one on a giant corporation that rakes in tens of millions in US Dollars each day?

What actually makes this book a stunning success Google ads is that, it was made in the very same manner, and through the same process most successful businesses are created. Borne out of a simple idea, validated by market research, implemented and executed against a rock solid plan.

But what makes the strategy work is its being able to satisfy one basic marketing principle; supplying a market with a perceived product of value, and sold with a strong product promise that is to serve or address that need for which it is purchased.

After discovering a product for what it’s really worth, there could only be the satisfied and the short changed; the happy and the unhappy; or the “I got my money’s worth” and the “is there a money back guarantee” groups.

But as any piece of work is usually subjective, and everybody unique from the rest; we are all entitled to the resulting subjective effect of the experience of reading the book, and thus evaluate it for ourselves against our own individual criteria.

But allow me to speak from my personal experience of reading Get Google Ads Free.

Let me start by saying that I was ecstatic to get it, then disappointed, then “so-so” satisfied upon realizing some small and trivial truths… we take for granted or overlook.

Insightful, irreverent… and yes I was slightly impressed.

However there was nothing really new presented, no breakthrough idea or concept or record breaking feat except probably in the hundreds of millions in sales generated by applying those principles. The author admits that there is really nothing new as he simply uses old and established strategies and gives an example of how other business are using that strategy to their advantage.

The astutely enterprising author saw and seized an opportunity, using old and established principles applied to new playing fields; indicating exceptional business acumen and that quality I admire in the author as an entrepreneur, someone who sees an opportunity and makes the most of it, I won’t be surprised if he were truly successful and accomplished even before he put his secret to use.

Maybe the disappointment arises from too much hype, that it under-delivered and failed to meet readers’ expectations, not meeting the product promise.

Let me explain and give a most appropriate example… Google and its algorithms. Sometimes we have a hard time using our keywords with our ads because either our keyword or our ad falls short on certain criteria. The reason for this is so clearly explained by Google in their Help pages, and the primary reason there is that they want to ensure that the searcher receives search results that are accurate and the closest possible to what the searcher searches for; and in no way is there room left for speculation, chance, deduction or analysis.

If a searcher goes to Google and types a search for “bicycle”, Google makes sure that results appearing on the results page are bicycles; because that is what the searcher expects. If that searcher reads an ad about bicycles and where to buy them, the searcher clicks the ad and finds the relevant content he seeks, and nothing more. The word I wish to stress here is “relevancy”, how relevant the ad is